Wiping The Slate Clean: Expunging Or Sealing Your Misdemeanor Or Felony Record In Ohio

Turning points. Getting that job offer. Landing that promotion. Leasing your new apartment. Advancing in your military career. Obtaining your professional license. Why let a criminal record of a past criminal conviction stand in the way of your future success? Ohio law gives eligible adult individuals the opportunity to have a criminal record “expunged,” or “sealed.”...
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Real Estate Transfer Taxes in Ohio: Targeting The LLC Loophole

The County Auditors Association of Ohio has set its sights on closing the LLC loophole regarding real estate transfer taxes in Ohio. They have proposed a bill to mandate the collection of real property transfer tax and to impose reporting requirements for “the transfer of any ownership interest in a pass-through entity that, directly or...
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Difficult Decisions

As a lawyer, I am frequently around people making difficult decisions. This is the nature of my profession. I work with people who are in conflict or who are facing change or unexpected challenges and usually with serious consequences attached. These circumstances often bring them to a crossroads where they are forced to choose a...
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