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Super Bowl (TM) LI

Ever wondered why references to this week’s football game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots avoid certain words?

From our 2015 blog:

Sunday’s football game … will bring many references to “The Big Game“, “The Professional Football Championship Game“, “The Be All End All of Football Games“, and even “The Superb Owl“. But why?

The answer comes from trademark law and the aggressive actions taken by the National Football League to protect its rights to the phrase “Super Bowl”.  For example, in 2015, the league opposed a trademark application for the phrase “Souper Bowl” which was to apply to certain drinkable soups.

Our recommendation to businesses remains the same:

The bottom line to remember? Don’t imply that you have any official connection to, endorsement by, or license to use the National Football League’s trademark for “Super Bowl.”